Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sorry Justine, one more Bill & Jim

Bill & Jim have a new friend. We found Tonk, the turtle at the beach at the end of the road where we snorkled with the turtles! We set out stuff down and there he was, half covered with sand. I might remember that Toyke thought he might be real but I think I should forget that... We brouight Tonk home and he and Bill & Jim have been best friends since. I think they are going to be suitcase buddies for a while. You may not know, Bert (yes, of Bert & Ernie) has been my suitcase pal for a long time now...but that's another story and I won't tell you about it know, ok Justine!

Jimmy's finds

Jimmy is Bob Seidel's friend. I first saw him heading up with one of the glass bowls from our room with sand, rocks, crabs and fish in it. He is using it as a center piece. Pretty cool, wish I thought of it. But, he's way too brave for me...check out this eel that he found out front here, he caught it with a stick and net! This one is too big for the center piece. He graduated to a plastice punch bowl, purchased at Safeway for $5.00. Jimmy has found fish, shrimp, eels, octopus, crab and lots of little creatures.
This eel along with the fish did go upstairs for the center piece. Jimmy lets them all go...except sometimes they do eat each other!!! Yuck.

Second Last Day...

This one is kinda sucking...I really enjoyed the bike ride in the rain but I've been here posting blogs for quite a while now. The sun has come out so it's time to got settle with the guy we rented bikes from and then go to the pool for a while. Later Loved Ones...

End of the First Last Day

Perfect way to the our first last Scotty's for dinner. They have garage doors that open up and you're sitting next to the ocean, what a view. We watched one man swim back and forth with his dog following him everywhere, another man training his german shepard dog - he looked well trained already. Another man, in white pajama pants working up to some Chai Tea, Tiah Che, She Gone - whatever. Lovely setting for dinner.
Now there's a happy Toyke!

Thank Heaven for Little Boys

They were laughing and laughing and going up and down and saying "one two three" "ready set go" and some would jump and some wouldn't and they would laugh and laugh. They were only 6, 7 and 8 with no parents in sight - having a great time. I tried to get Toyke to jump with them...he's relaxed but not that adventurous.
I'm glad I was a soccer Mum...check out the canoe club Mum...she's standing on a surf board paddling, keeping an eye on the kids...

More beaches!

These beaches are in Haneli Bay...

First last day...

For what we thought was our last day on the island, we went up north to check out snorkling at the end of the road beach but we stopped on our way up there and found more beautiful beaches. Toyke and I played some coconut tossing games...I know you're not surprised that Toyke won...
We left the camera in the car but we were blown away that we actually got a parking space close to the end of the road beach! Most people were parking at least 1/4 mile away but someone was leaving just as we drove up. I wish we had an underwater camera because the highlight - we were swimming with turtles! We had to swim out over the reef to get to them but it was pretty cool to see them floating around, eating, just hanging out like turtles do!
We also took a cinnamon raisin bagel (I'm sure any bread product would do) and put it in a plastic bag with small holes and took it snorkling with us. It was amazing how the fish swarmed around for little bits of bagel! They actually grabbed the bag out of my hand twice! I gave the bag to Toyke for a bit but he sent it back quite quickly as the fish "were touching him" and he didn't like it at all! It did seem a little paranaish but I knew they weren't flesh eaters, I was okay. Cool colours (sp for my Canadian relatives!) on the fish, white, black, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple and red.

Bill & Jim are still with us

After a big breakfast of pancakes, eggs and juice Bill & Jim are ready to hit the beaches! Mode of transportation....pocket of exercise shorts, they and the room key fit just right...
Bill & Jim waited on the car while Toyke & Lisette went into Safeway to pick up lunch for the day at the beach...
There are crabs that dig these big holes in the sand...Bill & Jim are waiting for the crab to come out...the crab brings a claw full of sand up each time and chucks it out of the hole, see the pile of sand that's already been chucked out!

After a long morning Bill & Jim work together and have a drink of coconut's not really that good!

Toyke Relaxing...

It finally happened...Toyke relaxed. He went to the pool without his cellphone and found a way to relax! He usually has his book which he reads with outstretched arms and that's pretty good relaxing but his - two noodles, it's perfect. more day in paradise

Toyke went online to do the early check in for our flight tonight and tudah, we're not scheduled to leave until tomorrow night! We checked the car rental...not scheduled to return until tomorrow...we checked with the condo people this morning, not scheduled to check out until tomorrow. Wow, we messed up on that one.
We've done all our shopping, checked out the beaches, got sunburned while snorkling up north. We woke up to rain, lots of it, this morning so we went for our bicycle ride in the rain. Of course, we stopped at the bakery for cinnamon buns still. We rode out the 3 miles to the end of the sidewalk. It was very wet but only a little chilly. Stopped and watched the surfers for a while and then rode back and returned the bikes.
It was nice to see Toyke riding through the big puddles and enjoying himself.
So, we're hanging around here for one more day, reading. The sun is coming out a little now, it's almost noon....we'll see how we spend our extra day....

Monday, May 19, 2008

The necklace that got away

Boy howdy, it was a nice one. It caught Toyke's eye first but yes, I liked it was a hard the diamond necklace - 1.5 carats...but the windmill won out...maybe next time.

Our New Friends - Bill & Jim

There they were, laying on the side of the road, our new friend, Bill & Jim. We found Bill first and then saw Jim as we were riding away...poof Jim, lost his arm but wait! There's his arm just a few inches away from him!
So, we decided to take Bill & Jim to the pool with us...they really liked it. They even tried boogie boarding...they really liked it.
They were pretty tired after the long bike ride and boogie boarding so they tanned for a while but they were responsible tanners, they used SPF 30...they really liked it.
Then they headed to the beach to catch a few waves...
Wow, they almost got washed away!!! Where's Jim's arm!!!! They didn't like that too much...
The End of Bill & Jim's excellent adventures...I wonder how they'll like the airplane.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Here Lisette is taking a short break... Here is the view of our end goal about 1/3 the way up

Start of the trip

Sleeping giant if you look carefully you can see the shape of someone laying down...Elevation at the top @3500'

As you can see Toyke is dying
Heres a walking tree. The roots are mostly above ground and the tree walks towards water. It may walk as much as 30' towards water in it life time

We made it. We are at the top.

Lisette like these canopy trees

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wiathehell didn't we take the motorboat!

Naa! It was the Wailua River Kayak Tour and it was fun! This is Toyke and RJ unloading the kayaks. There were 10 of us plus the guide and it was well worth it. We've seen people of the river before but haven't kayaked ourselves.

And here I am, leaning against for me! I found that the hardest part for me was keeping up with Toyke's paddling. Many times I found my paddle hitting the river slower than the kayak was going...It's good to have that upper body strength guy in your kayak.

We paddles for about an hour and then got out and hiked for about the same amount of time. It was densely treed and a good hike. We had to cross the river at waist height once which made it interesting. The end was well worth it though. Secret Falls was a nice refreshing water fall to stop and have lunch at. Of course, we had to hike back then hour and then kayak out. Toyke got a burst of energy at the very end and paddled like a paddling fool, I swear I could have wake boarded...if I just had a board to do it with! It was a great adventure, would highly recommend it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I think that there's something wrong with Toyke's feet! Besides being so tanned one is bigger than the other, maybe one shrunk in the pool...

I know that you've all seen me on bikes before but here's
Father know how to ride a bike! We signed up for Kayak Wialua River tour tomorrow morning and the guy threw in a free bike rental for this afternoon! We rode out about 3 miles to where the sidewalk ends. Of course, we had to stop for an ice cream at Beezers on the way back! No banana split this time thought, he had 1/2 of a "saddle shoe sundae" and I order a 1/4 size so we didn't do too bad.

Look, he's actually sweating! He was looking for Stephanie because he knows how much she loves those sweattie hugs!!

The sky is overcast, winds are from the Southeast which is blowing up "vog" which is volcanic fog from the big island. One guy said that Honolulu and Maui would be really bad since they are closer.

This is Kaelia Beach, north of Kapaa, beautiful beach.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Monk Seal on the beach outside our room

Not sure what were seeing here...could be flying fish, sea turtles, spinner dolphins or even whales....which we saw a few of

And here we have a couple of pairs of feet.....whos belong to who