Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where the sidewalk ends...

This is where the sidewalk ends. At least it's the end of the cement sidewalk. The pavement sidewalk starts here. Karen and I walked out here one day, we didn't mean to walk to far but we were talking (imagine that) and the next thing we knew we were out at this beach. We jogged a little to see what was around the cornere but there was more pavement so we decided to head back.

So, Toyke and I walked out the pavement and found this...chainlink fence, closed. It was during the week so we figured we'd come back on Saturday, when the city workers wouldn't be working and see where it went.

I thought this was a cool snail, albino kind of, with it's shell. Don't know where it was going, just going down the pavement sidewalk.

She liked it!

If you know Meredith, you know that she's a creative cook. Well, she's brought her creativeness to the baby food department.
Maria has a pacifier, thanks to Angela, that has a little net on the end and you can put food into it and Maria can gum and get any juices out of it and not choke on any bits. It works well. Meredith had a mandarin orange one day and let Maria suck on that. Next think I know Meredith has the little juicer thingie out and she juices a mandrin orange and puts it with the rice cereal...mandarin orange rice cereal. Maria liked it. She did cry some that evening and we both wondered if it didn't sit well in her little tummie but really, she was fine

We are there..

...we have arrived at that relaxing place in life. We stayed here all day, suntanned, read books, walked on the beach and stayed by the pool. The car didn't move an inch and we didn't spend a penny.
I took this picture at 5:00, Toyke is catching the last rays of the day, before the sun sinks below the building. The conch lady has already blown the conch signally that it's 5:00 somewhere and that would be here!

Friday, January 30, 2009

This is our new beach for the day. I'm not sure if it's Nukoli'i Beach Park or the south end of Lydgate State Park. It had a great structure for kids to play on and then a long open stretch of beach.
We heard thru the Smith family that you have to pay for parking on all the beaches on Oahu. One more reason to go to Kauai.

Wialihuamakahana Falls

The falls we went to when Pugmires were here was Opeakama Falls but we didn't get to this one. So, Pugmires, this picture is for you!

We were joking about the names of the fall and made up our own versions of them...waiulevmehereondisiland...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Duane's Special

It started out as a beutiful morning and just got better as the day went on. lots of sun with a slight breeze. The seas were calm which made Whale watching great. I wish our camera's were fast so that we could capture the things we see.
Here Lisette works on the comupter update the blog and checking e-mails.

Now isn't this the life. Laying on the beach, a beach that there were maybe 10 people on at any given time on the beach. If you look you can see a guy fishing in the background. He was the closest guy to us.

Here Lisette is having a nice cold drink of water. The beach from a different view.

The lady at the car rental place suggested Duane's Burgers in Analoha and we were going to go there and take them to the beach for dinner was raining on our way back from surfing so we didn't get to. Turns out Duane's Special wasn't really that special and the teryaki burger was a little too strong also (couldn't taste the pineapple!). The shakes were good though. Somehow I managed to eat the whole thing anyway and it was cereal for dinner that night!

Picture taken "where the sidewalk ends". I was actually looking for another picture but couldn't find it...this is nice though.

From the beginning

Why start at the beginning!
It was wonderful having the Pugmires with us and renting a convertible so the first trip to the condo was more than a little tight! Toyke wasn't even comfortable as he had his knees squished up to the dashboard! I think it was worth the short trip though... Mark is soooo romantic! He arranged for a lei for Karen at the Honolulu airport...what a guy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On Lily's birthday Grandpa went surfing!

One day I'll figure out how to get the pictures in the right order and how to get the writing to match the pictures but for now I'm happy just getting the blog updated...there you go Chad.

Happy Birthday Lily, we were thinking of you while we were crusing around the island!

Mark after a long afternoon surfing! There was a strong wind that kicked up so it was a little difficult to manuver a 11' surfboard! Karen getting instructions from the experinced surfer dude...try to stay on the board...

If we had Meredith's photoshop we could edit out the sand in the foreground of the picture and make the waves look a little bigger, heck, maybe with photoshop we could even stand Toyke up!!! We did take Chad's advise and the boards that we rented were 11 feet long!!! That's tall. I drove with Karen in the front seat and Mark and Toyke sat in the back and held the boards down. Nobody even looked at us so it must have been an acceptable way to transport surf boards to the beach. We were in Hannalei Bay where there are lots of surfers...the real kind of surfer...

Someone said that surfing lessons would be a really good idea...too bad they didn't tell us that until after we'd returned the boards! Toyke & Mark were out there first and made very valiant efforts at being surfers. Now they really appreciate those surfer guys. Toyke found that even sitting on the board was hard work. Karen was next to hit the waves...I was on camera duty!
She was doing great and having fun and then a fish jumped out of the water beside her, it was going faster than her and she started thinking about what that fish was trying to get away from....shark? and if the fish was ahead of her then there was nothing between her and the shark. End of surfing career.

I don't know any famous surfer's names but I do know one happy surfer guy. He's willing to try it again, with a lesson and with a shirt (Chad forgot to mention that surfing is a little hard on the chest so you should wear a shirt!) Another wonderful day on Kauai...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

more wheels

Kauai January 2009

Chad, this one is for you! We were down in Poipu this afternoon and this guy came skating by...a wheel under each foot but nothing in the middle!