Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another New Beach

Today we found a new Beach. This one has a little different use. Its a beach that the turtles come to for feeding. We have been told that sometimes there are more than a hundred turtles during a 15 minute period. popping their heads shells or fins out of the water. We saw 4 this morning in a short time.
Beach entrance The reason we didn't see anymore was these guys. A father and son collecting their net they had put out the night before to catch Lobsters. Their presence prevented more turtles from coming in to shore to feed.

Here they have collected their net and are ready to head home. They caught some stuff but they didn't say what.

In order to see the most turtles we needed to be there at the beach by sunrise. It was a beautiful sunrise.Oh oh...what do we have here....Lisette doing her salute to the sun.... Wait I may be mistaken.....Oh yes it is the anti aging exercises. These exercises wake up the skin making it feel alive

You slap your arms up and down, you swing your arms

And you put your fingers in your ears and then presto you take them out

Now that one confuses me.....Its just waked...I tried the class and laughed thru most of it
But I do see how it can wake the senses.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Only two more sleeps

We are winding down this month long vacation and will have to go home after two more lseeps...sad I kniow...
We started the day off right with going to the airport 48 hours in advance a getting an exit row seat on the airplane!!! Yeah for nice Alaska employees who shall remain nameless because she wasn't supposed to do that. We sooo apreciate the extra leg room.
Breakfast at our favorite Hanalima Bakery. We both tried something different, chili cheese omlette with rice and a breakfast burrito we are getting smarter...we both only ate half!
Up to Annini Beach for more snorkeling and again we saw turtles along with the wonderful fish. I was amazed that I saw a couple

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Napali Coast Hike

Karen looks like she might not be totally convinced that this hike is the right thing to do...Mark??? You start out hiking straight up, pretty much right away...

But you get rewarded quickly with a view of Ke'e Beach below you...Karen looks like she's afraid to fall off the cliff...right down to the beach!The waves were really calm today so we saw people snorkeling.

Up the trail again, using the roots as steps...

Me and my honey...oops wrong guy!

What a view of the Napoli Coast...

There we go, I have the right honey now...
What a wonderful hike to share with friends...

more views along the path...for me the downhill parts are a real challenge so I have to remember that all the up have to come back down. I walk really close behind Toyke so when I have to take those steps that make my knee hurt I hold onto his back.

It sure is nice to be able to do it, even if it does hurt.

Toy ke and I went about half way to the beach, that was enough knowing that I would have to go on all the "downs" going back. Mark and Karen kept going and made it all the way to the beach. They have some great pictures of it. It's actually covered in big rocks, no sand.

We went back to Ke'e beach and did some snorkeling, reading and fed corn chips to the chickens...they ate right out of my hand... If I was good at this blogging stuff I would circle the two people that are inbetween the palm trees and say, that's Toyke and I. Pugmires took this picture and Toyke zoomed in on it and yup, it really is us!

Moloa'a Beach

This is a beautiful beach that you have almost to yourself. It's at the end of a road north of Anahola and we found it last year when we were just driving around. I'm glad that we were able to find it again.
Mark and Toyke decided to do a little bit of rearranging of the was fun to watch them. I sat up on the rock and enjoyed the view from there

Toyke, Karen and Mark had a closer view of the ocean

There is a little dot at the top of the wave, it's Karen running along the beach. Mark joined her and they both ran back. How fun to run in the sand. On our way back we met two fishermen guys who were heading out overnight to go fishing. They were planning on catching a 100 lb fish - I don't remember the name of the fish but their shoes are pretty coool!

They have the separate toe thingie for stability and felt of the bottom for non skidding on the reefs. Pretty cool huh

Anahola Beach.....Body Surfing

We love this beach.

When Jack & Liz were here it was so windy that there were kite surfers out...when Mark and Kerry were here we saw about 20 dolphins playing in the water...Mark and Karen...the waves were perfect for a little body surfing...

We caught some good ones and only got "some" sand in our bathingsuits!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Annini Beach

Too bad we couldn't take pictures when we were snorkeling. We saw some great fish, a turtle and a yellow twisted pokadotted SNAKE! It was sitting there on the bottom of the ocean...waiting for us...eww..we hate snakes. Laughing, screaming in snorkels, panicing and trying to get away from it as the current was pushing us over it....Toyke got the worst of it, being smacked by flippers as we were trying to get away
I liked the mini submarine looking fish. I still don't know what it was.
Karen saw a sting ray, kind of large...I sure am glad I didn't see it. They still give me the creeps and my toes curl from the memory...
So after a strenuous snorkel we went to the end of the beach and relaxed for a few hours. This is the beach with the tiny little shells and I couldn't resist collecting a few more.
I think Mark managed to get some relaxing at the beach time this trip

Noodles -Good and Bad!

We love Hamura Saimin - the noodle place we always go to. They told us that we can only get fried noodles in the morning. They open at 10:00 and when they run out, that's that, they are gone. We tried a couple of times when Jack & Liz were here but we couldn't get any.
Well...Monday morning we headed over to get the Kim Chee Fried Rice Omlette from the bakery by the Community College but tudah, it was closed on President's day so the next best thing...we thought...noodles at Hamur Saimin!

They serve the same thing during the morning as all day long, Toyke and I ordered some chicken bbq to go with our breakfast of fried noodles....then... The noodles come on a paper plate, wrapped in saran wrap, heated in the microwave. She said that they make them much earlier and then microwave them...much earlier...I think that means that they are the leftovers FROM LAST NIGHT!!! We tried soya sauce and didn't help...

Check out Mark looking at his noodles...he was DISGUSTED!!! The three of us choked them down but Mark just couldn't do it! I really don't blame him...
We went directly to Safeway and bought raspberry cinnamon rolls, bran muffin, chocolate cake, apple fritter and milk. You can guess who ate was all better than the noodles.
We never did get the Kim Chee Fried Rice Omlette (with gravy on the side) because we were wayyy too full from the Dukes dinner when we ate not one but two _____Pies (what was the name of it???)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bike Ride/whale watching tour

The bikes actually came free with the Kayak Adventure! What a deal...kind of. We had to go to Walmart (shhhh don't tell Dan) and buy handles for the bars because Mark's bike handles were falling off and very very sticky. But it was worth it anyway...
Up the road we go.. Here's my other favorite shirt...the Belize one...what more do you need in Hawaii?
We saw whales pretty much right away and there were some dolphins swimming around also. They do the jump thing but make a much smaller splash. At this lookout we saw a turtle.

This is the area where we saw the turtle...

Then up the coast to Donkey Beach. Marked climbed down to the beach from here. I think he gathered some shells for Karen. We sat there for a while deciding how many windows we'd put in the house we'd build on this point. We want a spout alarm also, so that we could be aware of passing whales.

Out to the end of the road, about 5 miles

Oh, look at the happy bikers!

Unbelievable...Karen actually got a picture of a whale jumping! This is the Mommy whale and there was a large dolphin sized baby whale jumping with her. It was sooo cool to watch the two of them playing, jumping and looking like they were having a great time. After a little bit the Mommy whale had her tail straight up in the air and was slapping the water with her tail. I think they do that to warn off other animals/people but I'm not totally sure

Yup, the whale is in this picture dot above tall person on the left...

On the way back we saw a man walking out to the reef with some fishing nets so we watched him for a while

His wife told us that he was setting nets for lobsters and whe would be out the next morning to collect them. Toyke actually saw him the next morning through the binoculars.

This is a sneak preview of next year's christmas card!!!