Friday, October 15, 2010

10-10-10 Doug's Birthday this year...

Too bad I don't have pictures of him! The video I took wouldn't Here's a picture of Tom and his girlfriend Aleta.
Tom told us that when they come down here shopping they tell the guys at the border that they're going to visit his Aunt in Custer and he gets through every time!!! Next time he should come visit his Aunt, don't you think!! Looking forward to seeing you Tom and Aleta.

Daddy's little boy.

Marco and Marco Cooper are definitely father and son. No doubt.

Pictures for last post...

Blog Sharing...YEAH!

We're having a creative day today....Justine is sewing a top, Meredith a skirt, me curtains and Maria...well, the picture tells what Maria is doing...

Justine shared her friend's Focaccia bread quick and easy and really really good. Our hardest part was deciding what to put inside...thanks to Rachel (who text) we decided on fresh tomato and gouda cheese. It was good. We will have to go shopping for more sandwich ingredients!
PS...the pictures just don't come out right so I'll put just pictures in the next post...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

August 23, 2010

Toyke and Lisette August 23, 1980 to August 23, 2010.
Sometimes it seems just like yesterday but when I think of all the things we've done and been through it's a whole life time.Just last night we were laughing about living in foggy Port Moody. That was so long ago. I bet it's still foggy there!!!
We've spent some absolutely wonderful times together...been through a lot. Yup, there's a few things I'd change but only the medical incidents for both of us. But, it's been good to go through all these things together. I love him now more than ever.
Thirty years and's to the next 30!