Sunday, August 30, 2009

In Memory of Suzanna (Meynders) Young

Well its been and interesting year. We have been away from home alot, for many different reasons. I'm not sure why but i thought it was time to update a little. Last year my father passed away in April. That is old news and we blogged that sometime ago. Well I am almost done with taking care of his affairs. If I am lucky this will be the final week. I'm not sure I would wish this task on anyone. And the funny thing is Dad was very prepared with most of items needing to be taken care of.
After more than a year I finally got his house sold...and you know leaving the keys and garage door opener was probably the hardest part of the whole thing. It made his being gone final.
This past Friday morning my older sister called waking me. I wasn't sure who was on the phone because she was crying. The call was to inform me that my younger sister had passed away earlier that morning. She also didnt know what to do. So I packed a small bag and headed up to Vernon BC, on the way I picked up my brother, his son and the son of my sister that just passed away. We arrived in Vernon 5 and 1/2 hours latter.
Let me tell you about my sister. She was born on Feburary 6th, 1961. She was the second of twins. Her sister did not make it past the first days. Suzanna became the favorite of my father for several reasons. First was that she had a heart of gold. As her life would show she was always trying to help others even if it wasn't good for her well being. Suzanna was Mentally handicapped and therefore needed some extra attention. Dad was there for her and he always stood up for her. It was obvious, the bond between the 2 of them. Suzanna made some choices inher life that gave her some childern. Jessica and Cory. They were lucky and also not so lucky. Lucky because she loved them so much and unlucky because she was not always consistant and stable. Suzanna did the best she was able to do. Anyways as I look back on Suzanna all she ever wanted was to be loved and have someone to love. She had that for a short time but her husband of a few years died of medical complications. He was her brick.
Cory and Jessica are young adults at this time and have no parents left and they are just beginning their lives. As we go thru this unpleasant time it is a comforting thought to know that Suzanna is together with family members who have passed on before her and that she doesn't have those physical disabilities anymore.
Cory and Jessica have good extended family members around that will be more that happy to help and try to fill in some of the hole that this has created. I know there is no one to take the place of their mother but we will try to provide love for them, because we do care and love them.Next weekend we will be away from home again to pay our respects to Suzanna in a emorial service. Born 2/6/1961 Died 8/28/2009