Monday, January 31, 2011


What a beautiful day. Here we are a tunnels beach and boy is the surf up. Its absolutely beautiful to watch

Lisette is walking along the beach a good distance from the water and a rogue wave comes in and gets her good and wet.

in this picture with the guy sitting on the beach, beyond him you can see a somewhat calm area. In that area is where we would norkel but today the waters are way too rough

Those 2 houses on the end that you see against the hillside,,,,what a setting

Saturday, January 29, 2011


This morning with the clouds over the ocean that I would post a progressive sunrise. It is clear sky above us.

The sun rise here is about 10 minutes past 7 right now.

And it looks to be another great day here in Kapaa Kauai
Hope your day is as good as ours is

Friday, January 28, 2011


I don't think we should ever allow these two to be alone together...especially when shopping. They decided to try on some hats. As goofy as they could get them
Having fun.

Shipwreck Beach

Shipwreck Beach.... The real on

Today while here at the beach its sunny and in the nid 80s

And then there were turtles near the base of the cliff

We enjoyed playing in the surf. It was great for body surfing.

We had a whale show where 4 or 5 whales did their breaching and coming down with huge splashes.

Then we saw a manta ray. It was about 6 to 8 feet across. Beautiful to watch in the clear waters

How much better can it get

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hanalei Bay, our 1st day by ourselves.

Our first full day by ourselves and we spent it on the beach at Hanalei Bay, I think one of the most beautiful spots on the earth. We arrived around 10 am so got our pick of parking places.

We rented a couple of chairs from the place across the street that rents surf boards etc and got comfortable. My goal for the day was to get rid of the Coon Eyes that my sunglasses were creating. I think I did a good job. We stayed out in the sun for 4 hours. We did put on sunblock today, I used 8 and Toyke went for 4.

I find it interesting to see the different things in different countries that women will hold on their heads...I think this woman has a great idea.

When Glen Homfeld told Toyke that he needed a vacation and knew where he should go he hit the nail on the head. Toyke has been here 9 times now and knows how to relax.

Always something new to discover. This lovely little river that flows into the Hanalei Bay and wanders back along the road to the bridge is our new discovery for the day. It's been right here, we just have always turned onto the beach before getting here. I want to rent a stand up surf board with paddle and give it a go on this river, it would be calm enough to try. It would be nice to rent a kayak also...something planned for our next trip already, wait a minute, we still have 10 days!

The fish that didn't get away!

The native Hawaiians that caught this fish were pretty darned excited. They even said something about getting into the news so this must not be an everyday experience.
They were fishing off the long cement pier and caught something...a humungous fish!!!
They pulled it back into the water to stop it from drying out then hauled it into the back of the truck, covered it with a wet towel and were off. I thought we could follow it to the local market and get some fresh fish for dinner!
I wonder what they were using for bait...probably their little brother!

Rooster roosters everywhere...but on a bike?

We went into Safeway tonight to buy some vegetables....yes, we are eating vegetables. After all the shaved ice, fries and burgers, chocolate milk shakes, fish and's time to eat vegetables. But, that is not what this blog post is about. The Rooster... The bike was leaning up against the wall right in from of the door to Safeway. I was laughing, thinking that a rooster was nesting on the handlebars for the night. He was looking like he had hopped up there and was settling in for the night. When we came out of the store the bike and rooster were gone. I though, poor thing, he'd settled right in now he has to find another spot to roost.

Nope, across the parking lot came the man on his bike with the rooster still sitting on the handle bars! Of course, I had to stop and ask him about it. He said that he caught the rooster when it was young and he took a lot of time taming it and it just took time and respect. I said that as my Aracona roosters grew up they got mean. He questioned my respect for my roosters and said, "Well, have you even tucked them under your arm and taken them to bed with you, pulling up the covers to keep them warm?" Ok, that was it. I'm pretty non-judgemental but that's just plain crazy! Think about it, he is a guy riding around with a rooster so...whatever!


Once dinner and desert were had and once we were home again, out came the dominos and rook cards to fill the evening. Now while playing the games treats were needed. Several different types os chocolate, nuts, chips and dip, drinks and whatever else we came up with.

We all had fun

Shave Ice

Here we are experiencing Jo Jo's Shave Ice in Wiamea.
All of us Mark & Karen, Mark & Kerry, Jack & Liz and Lisette and myself
Hmmmm Hmmmm good especially on a warm day
Coconut, pinapple, pina colada Mac nut ice cream on the bottom and coconut creme on top. Makes for a great treat

Monday, January 24, 2011

kauai 2011

Hawaii here we come. Time to leave this rain and get some sun.
On the 12th of January we left on Hawaian airlines for a vacation part of which would be spent with some of our close friends
Lisette and I were lucky to get an upgrade to first class. It was worth it alone just for the leg space....but the other things that came with it made it better

The menu shows the food
Hmmm it was good too.

It took a little longer to get to Honolulu because of head winds. An hour later than scheduled, but we made it

Here we are coming into Lihue Airport.....Hmmm lots of clouds....from rain to rain...only warmer

These falls are normally 1/4 the size but on Tuesday they had 5" of rain and then more rain on Wednesday

Jack and Liz arrived late Wednesday evening

Mark and Karen were on the same flight as we were

Thursday morning after the water Falls it was time for breakfast. We had fried rice omlettes

Then it was off to the beach. First beach on the list was Anahola Beach. It always has good waves for body surfing. I believe this is Karens favorite beach. The little girl comes out in her. Is so fun to watch...and we all get into the fun after a few minutes

On Thursday afternoon Mark and Kerry showed up. Friday morning it was off to the beach. We decided to go to the very end of the road on the south side of the Island and visit Polihale Beach. Not many swim at this beach because of the strong currents that pull you out to sea. Many people over the years haven't made it back.

Polihale Beach is beautiful, miles of sandy beach and good sized waves crashing on shore. The end of this beach is also the beginning og the Napali Coast

Getting to and from this beach requires going thru some big puddles. It would have been great to have a few mud fights ....but we refrained from it this time can't garantee it.

At one point Mark Bloxham thought he would use a flipper fin to throw mud on us....little did he know that with Lisette behind the wheel anything was possible. And sure enough she guns it and he realizes that he needs to get back in the Jeep and have the door closed before she gets to him or he is going to be covered in mud....I think I heard him squeel like a girl. What a laugh we had. Then on the way back with top down Lisete again decides to make a run thru the puddles.... The white jeep was no longer white

SOmebody was extremely happy with her accomplishment. See the towel wrapped around her, well it was used to protect us passengers from being splattered with mud. As it was it took Mark and Karen a good 20 minutes to clean the inside ot the jeep.
The car wash was pathetic as hardly any water was used in the cleaning process. In the end Lisette Mark and Karen washed the jeep once we got back to the condo. I think it took a good hour.