Monday, June 25, 2012


Today the 24th of June we went to see Justine, Rick and the girls
The girls have moved down to the 2nd floor of the hospital. They are stable and doing well

First we have Courtney

 She is breathing on her own and maintaining her body temperature
 Still tiny. She has grown to 4 lbs 1 oz
 proud mom
 I put my thumb by her hand to give an idea of how small she is
 Sleeping peacefully.....I wonder how they will be when they start to wake up

Wynnona is on the same floor as Courtney, but not yet in the same room....We hear that might happen tomorrow. Wynnona is in an incubator because she still needs help in maintaining her body temperature

 The sucking thing she has is tiny compared to a normal size one
 A Foot I couldn't resist this picture...and tickling her foot....yes she is ticklish
 No clothes yet. the incubator is set at a certain temperature and as she gets better at keeping her body temperature the incubator adjusts until she is able to do it on her own
 My finger shows the size of Wynnona's hand. She has gained about 1/3 of her birth weight since being born. She is now 3 lbs 7 oz.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

2 Weeks

 I think Nana is totally enjoying the opportunity of holding these 2 little girls. This is Wynnona. She can be held today, her sister Courtney is not so lucky. She is in the incubator getting some special light.

 Justine is getting the hand to finger shake. Good girl and daughter time
 That special light in the incubator. I think shes working on her tan. These 2 are taking turns under the light. Today the day I am posting these pictures Wynnona is under the light while Courtney is being moved to a new floor
 Now as you can tell from the hand shake and the foot size....these girls will NOT be driving soon. They may be soon telling their mother who's boss....but driving not quite yet.
The girls are doing great and will soon be out of the critical care unit for premature babies.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

More on the twins

 Well Nana...Grandma...Lisette finally got to hold one of the twins. This one is Wynnona. I think Lisette has died and gone to Heaven....She said that it felt like all she was holding was a blanket. Wynnona stared up at Lisette the whole time she was being held
 Mom...being Justine is talking to Wynnona
 Wait till she wakes up.....all heck will happen...but right now she looks so peaceful
 Here is Courtney...I almost forgot what her name was. Anyways she is in an incubator...I'm not sure of the reason because she is doing OK. She still gets a little helpmwith breathing
Here Courtney is wearing her breathing hardware. She is nice and warm. Its amazing how well these two little people are doing for having arrived so early and being so tiny

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Twins have arrived


This is the trouble maker. She is the one who started events that could not be stopped
Justine went to her doctors office for a routine checkup and an ultrasound. It was found during the ultrasound that this little girl was much smaller than her sister because she had twisted and turned so much that she had tied a knot in the embilical cord and was only getting about 10% of the nutrients that she needed. Off to the Hospital they went so Justine could be monitored. During a phone call Justines water broke and it was decided to move her to Seattle where the babies were born. They were not well enough equiped to care for this small of a baby. By the way this one is Wynnona and she weighs in at 2 LBs 11oz
Her head is smaller than a soft ball...maybe even a baseball

Now Wynnona has a sister who came a minute later. She weighed in at 3lbs 7oz and her name is Courtney. Right now Courtney is not as fiesty as her 1 minute older sister because when the Doctors gave Justine some medicine to stop labor Courtney got some of it and Wynnona didn't because her cord was tied. Once this medicine wears off Courtney will be in good shape. Courtney has oxygen to help her breath

As you can tell the babies are small...or should I say tiny. Thats my hand in the lower picture.
Anyways we are glad they are here. All are healthy and improving each day. Mom to.
The girls will be in the hospital for at least a month.
 When they pass the test... 3 things: being able to eat and breath without forgetting to breath while eating. Thats 2 things. The last is being able to keep a body temperture.
As of noon today Justine has been discharged from the hospital. She will be staying at one of Ricks uncles place which is only a few miles from the hospital. There are only 2 nights a week in which she can stay in the hospital.
For us this makes grand child 10 and 11