Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today I received a letter in the mail about my dad. Before I tell you what was in the letter I will tell a story that leads up to it.
On April 13th, 2008 my Dad passed away on complications due to cancer. One of his requests was that he be donated to science. I had done some preliminary research to see if it was even possible. To my surprise it was. SO when the funeral home was notified of his passing the University of British Columbia was also notified. They were happy to except Dad into their medical program.
Can you see where this is leading. Yes my Dad was going to medical school. The term would be about a year and a half to 2 years. During this time many would learn from him. Well we waited patiently and the 2 year mark flew by. It took an additional 4 months before we would hear anything.
Now since Dad was at University we would always joke that he was getting a degree. The letter came and we were told that he had served them well and we could come get him. So Dad graduated from medical school. Soon he will be laid to rest with loving wife.
Today I made the trip to the border and when I got there they asked specifically where I was going. I told them I was going to get my Dad in Vancouver.....They wanted to know where. So I said he's at Mount Pleasant Funeral home and waiting for me to pick him up.....Not a total lie....but not the total truth.
I made it to the funeral home and picked up Dad. The guy helping me was named Francis. He said my dad must have been a big person because he was heavier than most people. Dad was maybe 220 Lbs
On the way back I came to the border again and the customs officer asks me where I had been I told him Vancouver. That was ok that went well....but then he asks me if I was bringing anything back with me....I right away grabbed the container and said yes my Dad and showed him the container....He was a little flustered and after a little stutter he asks anything else. I quickly said no just my Dad. And he lets me go...crisis averted
Dad is here in this container...All graduated from Medical school