Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Heading South

We left Rexburg on Friday morning and dropped off a package for Karen Pugmire's Mom. It was nice to stop and have a little visit with her. She's a lovely lady. She gave us some peanut brittle and it was so nummy! She said something about me not being able to eat it, diabetic and all..oops, it was good!

We made it to Bloxhams to have a nice little visit there before Kerri had to leave for her cancer treatment. It was wonderful to see all 4 girls and their kids. It's been a long time since we've seen them all.

We stopped in Downey, took a tour of the place! Wow, it would be "interesting" to live there...

South to Utah. We got to Mike and Meghan's around 4 and ended up going out to PF Chang's for dinner with them. I wasn't feeling well so I took Nyquil and fell asleep around 9:00. Toyke, the talker, stayed up and visited until midnight! Mike made his weekend breakfast of waffles (some were made with bacon in them, his kids like them that way). We were sad to leave them but look forward to another visit in the future.

We took I15 all the way down to St George. The temple sure does stand out. We stayed at the Best Western there and Toyke ended up wanting to stay two nights...did anyone tell him this was still Utah! We drove all over the place and rather enjoyed it. The city is nicely laid out, clean, and has wide streets. We visited some show homes and Toyke really liked the flat roof stucco homes.
The picture is from the inside of the show home and we loved the full length windows...wonder if we can incorporate them into a house at home, that would be a great north wall!
Ended up that I left my camera in St George and the hotel will UPS it back to Bellingham. We have pictures of Michael's family and St George...
St George to Page, thru Zion National Park and it was beautiful. Page Az, with Lake Powell there. Toyke was dissappointed as he thought it would be...more. He's scrapping the idea of a house boat trip there as we could do something in WA.
Page to Flagstaff and onto Sedona. The 2 1/2 hour traffic backup thru the canyon made us quite happy to get to the hotel...we were almost out of gas during that little trip so it was a little stressful, but we did pretty darn good listening to music and enjoying each other's company...
Sedona wasn't what we thought, more of a tourist town than anything so we enjoyed our stay but was ready to move on...