Friday, November 5, 2010

The Dreaded Dentist

Yesterday we went to the dentist....Or should I say Lisette went to the Dentist. She hates Dentists with a passion. I was tagging along.
Now I need to say that our dentist took a little while to get to as his office is about an hour and fifteen minutes away. Lisette was there to have her teeth cleaned and checked....No cavities..she must be doing something right.
2 hours it took to clean...they must of been checking for gold.
Anyways while i was waiting I went outside and this is what I saw.

I always wondered how these critters got around...Now I know

The squirrel looked at me and just kept on doing its thing...defying gravity
My excitement for the day

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Merediths Departure to Honduras

It been quite a whirl wind these last couple of weeks. Marco had left for Honduras to get things ready for Meredith and the kids. So while he was with his family (mom, Dad, Uncles, and siblings) we were here helping Meredith get ready to go.
By the way Meredith was in denial...not thinking ...or hoping the the day would not come.
Meredith packed then brought the
suitcases into my office, where I repacked them. I couldn't believe the things she wanted to take....I guess I needed to consider where she was going. But I repacked the suit cases trying to get them to as close to 50 Lbs as possible. And there were 6 of them. Once they were done, there was loading them into the Hummer.....which is not as big as a Tahoe or suburban.
So 6 large suitcases, 1 double stroller, 2 car seats, a carry on bag (suit case), diaper bag, blankets, back pack for Meredith, and 1 for me, 1 for maria, 2 adults and 2 kids all in the Hummer.
It was a tight fit.
We got up at 4 AM on Monday morning and got ready to go...We got out the door at 5:50 AM
THe beginning of Meredith's new adventure. We were headed to SeaTac airport. 40 minutes into our drive Maria says up...up...we say no not until we get to the airport....she says up ..up and then blah...she let loose. Throw-up all over the place. Stop the car cleanup, change clothes and then on our way again.....By the way did I say it was pouring down rain.
3 hours later I am parked and we are checking into the airport.....Crap the bags are too heavy, so we do some they are all around 52.5 lbs...better than 55 lbs. Checked in and now to go thru security...WOW all has to go thru xray...3 back packs, 1 carry-on suit case, diaper bag, computers, Ipads, watches, shoes, car seats, blankets, and humungous stroller...we used 13 trays and then all the items that did not go on trays. It was like 20 minutes just to get ready to go thru security, then another 20 minutes to put it all back together.
The flight to Houston went very smooth. Maria could not stay awake any longer...I was feeding her a fruit roll up one piece at a time. All of a sudden a piece didn't make it to her mouth and she was out...only 20 minutes left in the flight
When we got to Houston they told us we would have to get our checked in bags because our layover was over 5 hours...Hummm that was not going to work. The airporter that was helping us was very nice and worked the system in our favor and just told us he would take care of it. He then asked us what hotel we were staying in and called the shuttle service to pick us up.
Once at the hotel we went next door to get a bite to eat, back to the hotel room to bathe the kids and to bed.....WHAT a Day..I think its 8,9, or 10 oclock and we are exhausted. Lights out everybody is going to sleep and I hear Maria...talking and settling down. Then she say Love Mom, Love you Dad, Love you Cooper, Love you nana, Love papa, Love you nana. Out of the mouth of babes.
4:30 wake up call...get dressed, head to the airport...once at the airport I relize that i have forgotten my phone and charge at the hotel. They send the driver with the phone and charger to the airport where I meet and get them....The day is saved.
At 8:20 I help Meredith and kids to the gate. I wish I would have taken some pictures because it was some sight. It wasn't easy to see them walk away. They have been part of our house for the last 34 months.
So once they were out of site I turned around and ran the length of the airport so I could catch my plane back to Seattle.
4 hours later I was in Seattle and Meredith was in San Pedro Sula Honduras. Her flight was 2 1/2 hours. Family was there to greet her and then began an adventure she will never forget. Meredith arrived at her new home at was dark and she was exhausted.
I arrived in Seattle at 12:20 and drove home and was there by 2:30 pm
I would not have wanted to miss my time helping Meredith and the kids.
We will mis them, but at the same time we anxiously await news of how life is in Honduras