Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jackson Hole Wyoming To Yellowstone National Park

Jackson Hole Ski Resort
This guy had just crossed the road
with these two trailing behind
The Autumn colors were in full gear. It was absolutely beautiful to see
Some Elk crossing the road in front of us....We haven't even entered Yeloowstone National Park yet
Another beautiful view. in the meadows there is a herd of Elk
As we climb to higher elevations we came across scenes like this one
In the Grand Canyon of of Yellowstone there are upper and lower falls. What I found interesting was this. Across the canyon from where we were was a staircase fastened to the side of the cliff. It went down to a great view point....I decided that I would pass this time....I'm not up to climbing that many stairs quite yet
This is one big Buffalo
This is a Grizzly and a big one. He was out in a meadow tearing apart a log and having a great snack. See he is looking off to the side. He knows there is a guy in the trees trying to get closer so he can get a better picture. And I thought we were too close.

Our friend Mark Bloxham having a fun moment
I wonder who this is
Another herd of Elk
This guy was up front and close to us. I wonder where he is going?
This girl was minding her own when I came up close and scuffed my feet on the ground hoping she would look up and she did
This guy is just munching away on the side of the road
and lastly heres Old Faithful...We were here a few minutes when it decided to blow

Thursday, August 25, 2011


This has been an interesting year. In this post there will be no pictures,but lots of text.
Were going to call this year the H year....You will soon see why.
In January of this year we went to Hawaii as we always like to do. Some of our friends joined us over there and we had a wonderful time. We enjoyed the sun, the water and the company. Oh and lets not forget the food. Once home we had just unpacked we received a text message from my cousin. The son of my fathers sister Leoni. Her health was going down hill fast. After a few phone calls back and forth from here to Holland we decided to make the trip there. We had only been home 4 days. But it was important to do this as Leoni had helped in taking care of my Dad her brother when he was sick with cancer. She was there when he passed away. We arrived in Holland, rented a car and promptly went to the hospital. Leoni was dying of lung cancer the same disease that took her oldest sister and my Dad. We visited for several days and helped with arrangements. Leoni was euthanized on February 14th at 6:00 PM....Valentines day will never be the same. After 15 Days in Holland a country we have come to love, it was time to head home.
We came home and were able to stay home for a little over a month, then we were off to Honduras, Yes Honduras. Meredith our oldest daughter married a Honduran and created a wonderful little family. Only problem Marco was not a legal resident of the US. So in October of 2010 Marco returned home and Meredith and the kids followed a month later. It was hard to see them go but we needed to do something to get things right. They would have had to deal with the embassy down there anyways in order to complete the paper work.
So off to Honduras we went to meet Marcos family. Such wonderful people. They live in a town called Lepeara, its at the end of the paved road in the middle of the mountains of Honduras. It was and experience we will never forget.
At the end of our 15 days in Honduras we returned home with Meredith and children in tow. They would be spending a month with us then returning to Honduras.
Now this is where things start to get interesting. We brought Meredith and the kids to the Airport on the last day of May and then we stayed in Seattle because I was scheduled to have some major surgery.
For the last 32 years I have been living with a disease called Ulcerative Colitis. An inflammation of the large intestine. At times very painful, but I had figured out how to live with it in a way that enabled me to continue to work. Well about 15 years ago a specialist I was seeing said I needed to have my colon removed and I said no....I looked at the tests and there were no changes and they always told me the same thing. In December of 2010 I had another test and this time things had changed....Time for surgery. Did I want this surgery NO I didn't. But the specialist we had now is world known and I trusted him. Its a good thing to because once surgery was done we found out that things were very close to the cancer stage.
On June 2nd we went to the hospital to have surgery....maybe stay in the hospital for 5 days then head home....right....Things didn't go so well. Complications happened and now I was in the hospital for 22 days. Lisette being there the whole time, watching and seeing everything that happened. I can't even begin to imagine what she went thru. I was totally out of it. After making it thru some near death moments recovery was very slow.
Once I got home all I did was sleep, the pain medicine, the anti nausea medicine, the blood thinner and antibiotics were all I could come close to handling. It was Lisette who made sure I got the medicine when needed. About 5 weeks after coming home from the hospital I finally woke up....60 lbs lighter and no energy. Getting out of bed was difficult, let along trying to walk. Progress was real slow. Then a nose bleed and back to the hospital. We couldn't even come close to stopping it.
A week later we were back in the hospital, but this time for a kinked intestine. That was 2 days.
Now between these set backs I tried going to the gym to do some exercising. The first time I managed 5 minutes...a few days later 10 minutes.
2 weeks after the last hospital visit I had gone to bed and then the pain started, I had never felt such pain as I did during this attack. Off to the hospital again and this time for 5 days.... When was this going to end. So Saturday the 20th of August I got home from the hospital and on Monday following I had no energy to do anything. I lay on the couch or bed all day. Now the pain that I have had since the first surgery has been constant. Sitting up has been very difficult...almost impossible.
Today the 25th of August was the first day that I felt somewhat normal. I worked in my office, had a business meeting, mowed the lawn, drove for the first time, worked more in the office and then cut some more grass.
So from Hawaii to Holland to Honduras and then Home. So far a year of the H's
And our adventures continue as we purchased a Hotel, closed it and will now remodel it.
We will fill you in as time goes.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Empty Nesters....

This is weird...I made potato salad with one potato...and there were left overs!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beware When Grocery Shopping

One day while in Honduras we went to this grocery story in Santa Rosa De CopanAs we walked into the store we were greeted by this guy. Sawed off shot gun and ready to use it
I would not suggest trying to shoplift here.....Now you might ask (How in the world did you get this picture?) Well all you have to do is ask...I'm sure he would have let us pose with him....but we didn't want to push it.

It was not uncommon to see guns like this or even more serious than this everyday

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Honduras, Lepaera.....Market Place Day

As market day moves along people come from all over and they setup all over the place. The green walled building belongs to Marcos parents and the yellow walled place belongs to Marco and Meredith Notice how the tarps are right against the buildings. Well at Meredith and Marcos place the front door is blocked.

THis picture is taken from the bridge at the bottom of the road from Merediths place. On Market Day (Sunday)the whole street is full. The Thursday market day is not as least it was not when we were there.

Marco and Meredith getting their shopping done

Marco checking out some fruit and vegy's

And as I walk thru the market all eyes turn on me...must be my good looks.....Yup its getting thick in here.

Donkey loaded with sell....or just passing thru, were not sure.

On Thursdays and Sundays the street in front of Merediths turns into a market place. People come from all over to sell what ever they can. Clothes, shoes..(non would come close to fitting me), fruit, vegetables, fish, corn and flour tortias. And a lot of other things. The street is so crowded it was a wonder that any cars could drive thru. They start arriving early early in the morning and by 7 AM the street is full. We decided to venture out into the market and everyone, I mean everyone was looking at us. They would come real close, maybe 10" away and just stare. I was white and I was at least a head if not 2 heads taller than most people. I even had one guy follow me around. Everytime I turned around there he was. My new best friend.

It was real fun to check out the market. All who were there were trying their best to make enough money to live off of for the next week..not an easy thing there.

Heres Jaun Valdez the coffee bean guy as I call him. His product like the guy with the firewood have come in on Donkeys. Other come by car, truck, back packing and others by balancing their stuff on their heads....I would get a sore neck

The average working person in Lepaera makes between 5 and 700 limpera a week. Thats like 37 US dollars a week. Not much. We here can spend anywhere from 30 to 100 dollars or more for a dinner for 2. There maybe 30 US dollars for a week or more worth of food.

Monday, May 16, 2011

People we won't Forget In Honduras

Here Lisette works at keeping Maria entertained. Lisette makes alot of things happen as we visitAnd Heres Maria herself....She has taken over her mothers Sun Glasses....maybe to be the next beauty Queen
Marco the reason we head to Honduras. An opportunity to visit his family...Hopefully there will be more visits in the future. Here Marco is involved with the shopping

Ahh The cook or shall I say part time cook, and full time mother. Meredith trys her hand in making corn tortias....I think

Here is Carla, one of Marcos sisters. She cooked for us one evening. Food was good...but it was the first time EVER that I had fish that had everything there...It was looking at me while I tried to eat it.

And here is the youngest, making his mark in life. Cooper always happy except when hungry or tired....then look out the bear comes out

We can't forget Maria's little friend. Orfetto. Not sure if I spelt his name right. Lives next door to Maria and always has a happy smile on his face

Hmm who's the giant...or should I say who are the two ladies. The one in the pink shirt is Marcos mother. A very kind hearted but shy person. She doesn't have pictures taken of her very often...Last time was when she got least thats what I heard

The other lady is Kristina. She comes and does the laundry and what ever else might need to be done in order to make money. She lives a long way from town and walks in to town every day and then home at the end of the day. I'll guess that it takes at least one hour if not longer ....and she walks fast

This here young man is about 12. He took to Lisette and made sure that she didn't get lost from the rest of us....I think we could say he became her private Body Guard. His name Kevin

That picture of me with Abuala and Kristina above...well I decided I was too tall so I shrank down to their size.

These and many more people that we met while in Honduras made our trip there special. The people are wonderful. They may not have much, but to see them you wouldn't know it. What we have doesn't matter. Maybe its how we use what we have. The people and family we met in Honduras made us feel at home.....except for that guy who followed me around. Every where I went I turned around and there he was.

To the people of Honduras, may blessings come your way

Here be two special people. They open their home to many people...including us. Marcos Father and Mother
We finally got them to sit next to each other for a picture

Thursday, May 5, 2011


While visiting Meredith we saw many people hauling their goods home. Some people had donkeys. One guy reminded me of a comercial years ago to do with coffee. This guy has a donkey loaded with large bags of beans. He walks and is wearing a sombero. (Jaun Valdez leading a donkey loaded with Columbian Coffee bean)

Small taxis are everywhere. They have 3 wheels and work well. Sometimes these are loaded so much that people have to walk. They stop to pick you up, but then they see someone else in need of a ride and they stop to pick them up also. Before you know it there are 4 to 6 diffent people going to different locations. Smart taxi drivers. This taxi driver had a tarp so he could keep going while it doors on the taxis
Now because most walk, there a few people with trucks and I think these guys love to see how many people they can get in the back of their truck. I think the most we counted was 35 people in the back of a pickup. Most time it was less, but still a large number. I just kept waiting for someone to get hurt. They say there are many who get hurt or die, but they just keep on doing it.

Motorcycles may have 4 or 5 people on them...and the only person who might be safe is the one driving.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Honduras, Lepaera....Weather

Lepaera is in the mountains of Honduras at an elevation
of 3,138 ft above sea level. During the time we were there Daytime temperatures were in the high 80S, a couple of days into the 90s. At night the temperature drooped into the 70s. It was mostly sunny with some haze. Into the 2nd week of our stay we started to have PM rain showers. At about 3:30 PM the lightening and thunder would start and almost right away following the first crack of thunder it would start to rain. Not like here. Rain it did. Somewhere between 4 and 8" in a 2 hour period. The street would become a river. If there was garbage up hill it was swept down the hill.

Jumping ahead here a little I don't recall seeing any dust pans. People had brooms they would sweep the floors of their home and all that was swept would be pitched into the street. The rain comes..washes the garbage down hill. Its put in a pile and then set a lite. Its burned If the garbage truck isn't due to come.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


After being up all day we started our travels to the country of Honduras at midnight. From Seattle to Houston. A short layover there and then on to San Pedro Sula Honduras. The airport here is small, not like many of the large airports we have been to. It's smaller than the Lihue Hawaii airport for those of you who have seen that airport. After finally clearing customs....I often feel like herded cattle when I go thru customs. coming thru the gate where friends and family were we were met by Marco and his sisters husband. From there is was off to getting a rental car...what a chore that was. Not one rental care agency had our info so we ended up going with an outfit that was most helpful. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea...because the new car we were getting wasn't so new. It was dirty, it had scratches and dings in it, the antenna for the radio was missing, 1/4 tank of gas....what happened to full tank of gas....deisel. You could not even read the dash for miles on the car or otherwise....Welcome to Honduras.
It took us approximately 4 1/2 hours to get from airport to Lepaera and it wasn't because of my driving. Meredith told us that the roads were a little different....yup they sure are. First thing I noticed was no lines on the road. No speed limit. On these roads you drive at your own risk.did I happen to mention that the roads are not straight, they are constantly turning...and they have pot holes all over the place, or speed bumps, or even check points. The check points are police or military carrying submachine guns and you must stop when waved over. They may ask for registration of car or where you are going. Sometimes we smile and ask do you speak English, they say no and wave us on. One guy we even offered some nachos and he gladly had some then waved us on.
So between all the stops and potholes and cars passing in places they really shouldn't and our top speed being no more than 50 miles per hour we arrived in Lepaera.
Once there we we off road or at least that's what it felt like....I would say a gravel road, but that wouldn't be right. A rocky road with big potholes would be the right description. A few blocks of this and we arrived at Merediths home. She and the kids were waiting for us on the side of the road. An exciting moment for all of us.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunny Days

Sunny when they come its nice. While some of get the sun every day we here in the Pacific Northwest feel like we never see it
From our Deck we see all the surrounding mountains. We haven't seen them in a while and look they all have lots of snow on them.
Isn't Mt. Baker beautiful. They have 231' base of snow at the lower lodge of the ski resort....They had to close it one day last week because of too much snow so they could move snow away from under the lift chairs.
And there goes the sun. What can we say another day in Paradise. And Paradise is where ever we want it to be.....Where we are

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hmmm Hmmm good food. Today as we were out the subject of dinner came up....What to have, is always the question. I thought why not Wanton soup and Lisette said Sushi. So guess what thats what we hadOnly a small twist to it was that it had to be home made.
Wanton soup with lots of noodles and pork filled wantons.
The Sushi.....deep fried prawns/shrimp, cucumber and avocado rolled in rice and seaweed
Once rolled and cut we dipped them in a little soya sauce with wasabe mixed in it