Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just another day in Moab!

It was pretty darned excited again! We went on a Hummer Tour and went up Devils something...slickrock something... I'll have to figure out the name but it was a place that we wouldn't take our City Hummer, that's for sure.
There are places called Lion's Back, Devils Back and things like that. Up and down ridge cliffs, wow, that Hummer could really go places. I would really recommend it if you're ever in Moab.
After that Hummer experience we went in our own City Hummer out to Dead Horse Canyon and that was spectacular also. I can't wait to post pictures.
Of course, we couldn't just enjoy the view, we had to take the 4-wheel road down the canyon! There were some narrow and steep sections that was definitely oxygen sucking! Can't wait to post the picture of the City Hummer going under the
We took another dirt road back to where the lookout is and enjoyed the view from there. FYI, this is where Thelma and Louise made their last drive...

Moab - how cool!

What a great place this is. We drove through Arches National Park and was amazed at the very amazing. Toyke took the mile walk close to the entrance of the park and really enjoyed it.

We drove all the way up to the north of the park and enjoyed every minute. And then the excitement began! We drove back on the back roads. The dirt road was pretty good for a while and then...we started 4-wheelin. Our City Hummer got a real workout. Up rockie road, up up...down rockie hills, down a step flat hill, through sand, up and down. Wow, it was really pretty darned exciting. I wish I could post the video...maybe Mers can help when we get home.

Left early...

Left early. That's what you can do when you don't really have a plan. We'd seen lots of houses and were ready to hit the road so we finished up and headed out.

Once again, we just looked at the map and started out. We went up the east side of Arizona and enjoyed the drive. We finished in Chinle, AZ, part of the Navajo lands. There was a woman herding her cows along the front of the hotel...interesting place. The indian fry bread taco was pretty good but the fry bread burger was a little too much for Toyke to take. He won't be eating that again.

There were a few interesting things along the way...bullet holes in the Cortez sign...I took a picture for you Meredith and will post it as soon as I can figure that out.

We drove around some very pretty country and ended up in Moab.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Phoenix equals HOT

It got up to 113...what can I say. It takes some time to wrap your head around going from air conditioning to air conditioning. It's just like the winter at home, going from heat to heat except that in Phoenix you don't have to put on socks, boots, long pants, heavy coats, gloves, scarves, tuk and umbrella...just got the the air conditioned shoveling your way there.

We looked at house, houses and more houses. We actually looked at so many houses that we got tired of it.

We did got for bike rides each morning, early in the morning. It was lovely. Warm, flat and the roads had bike lanes...nice. We cruised through neighborhoods and checked out houses.

We had a great stay at the "Ford Hotel" and really appreciate Dawn, Jennifer and Rachel's hospitality. I read that vampire book while we were there. Toyke spent a lot of time in the pool.

Las picture

I really should get a picture of Dan...I have been there a few times the last couple of year, hum. We went to PF Chang's for dinner and went to some amazing malls - only in Las Vegas.

We had a great visit with him, as usual, and stayed with him for the night.

Good breakfast in the morning and we were off to Phoenix.

Yosemite to Death Valley

We were planning on making it to Bakersfield and then to Phoenix but as mentioned we toured thru Yosemite and then decided to go on to Death Valley.

Again, there was a downhill and Toyke couldn't resist. Onto his bike again. This was a little less steep but he got going up to 40 mph this time, averaging 30. I got a little more on video as the sides weren't as steep. We drove to Stove Pipe Wells and drove about 5 miles passed and noticed some sand dunes on the right but it was getting dark. We wondered what we would miss if we drove to Furnace Creek so we turned around and ended up staying at Stove Pipe Wells.

The next morning we looked around and there was the hotel with a pool, bar and restaurant and a general store across the street...that's it. The waiter was oriental so I asked him how he ended up in Stove Pipe Wells...Poor kid...he was from Korea and here on a work visa. He was doing the "exchange"thing and was working for three months. I wonder who was the "agent" who set this poor kid up to work in the middle of absolutely nowhere for 3 get to see the country, meet lots of people traveling around...what a liar. Wow...I still feel for the kids.

My turn to ride my bike. I started off from SPW and headed out into the desert. It was 104 degrees and I found it very hot and dry very quickly. I rode for about 7 miles.

We took our time and drove through the valley. _____Canyon was cool. We drove through Artist Way and then down the 40 miles of dirt road through the desert. We stopped to pick up some rocks for Hayden as he collects rocks...Grandpa Toyk had to pick up a couple of them as they were too big for me...can't wait to give them to Hayden!

Once we got through Death Valley Las Vegas wasn't far away.

North to Alaska, South to ????

We decided to go south on I-5 this time and we thought we'd go to Bakersfield but we didn't quite make it there...we did make it to somewhere and then turned onto hwy 99 and ended up in Merced CA that night. We went to an Italian restuarant and talking with the waiter (I know that surprises talking with strangers!!!) and he happened to mention that the waterfalls in Yosemite would be great at this time of year so...there you go, we turned left and north.

Yosemite reminded me of British Columbia, beautiful. Lots of trees and water.

We went from about to 100 degrees to about 52! In the center of the park it was pouring rain and I felt for the people who were tenting. I don't think that they are the northwest campers who bring their own blue skies. Putting up the tarp is one of the first things we do.

Coming out of the park we noticed the long down hill...Toyke got a bee in his bonnet and hopped onto his bike and went downhill for about 10 miles. I was trying to drive downhill and there was straight up on one side and straight down on the other! I tried videoing him but it was a little difficult to video and drive at the same time. I think he was going about 50 mph for part of waas pretty exciting.

So, that was our trip south but we didn't quite make it to Bakerfield...

Reunited with Mommie....

There's nothing like your own Mother when you are teething and have a temperature of 102.6. Chad did great as a Dad, feeding, changing diapers, putting Lily to bed, all that stuff, it was great to see him in that roll that he's wanted for so many years. We did miss Rachel over the weekend and it was good to see her again on Tuesday morning. Poor little Lily felt sooo bad that her eyes were droopie and it was hard for her to show excitement for Rachel coming home but when you see her sleeping with her Mommie, you know, she's one happy little girl.