Monday, February 28, 2011

Time with Leoni


We were each able to spend time with our dear friend in her last few days with us. Time that we would have never traded for anything else

Son Ruud
Grandson DidierNephew PatrickLisette and Toyke

Leoni's room was on the 8th floor of the Lung disorders wing of the hospital
She had a private room with a small waiting area. In the waiting area they rolled a bed in for her son Ruud. He was at the hospital 24/7
Leoni's room had a view of the city of Haarlem with a canal just below.
Leoni had many visits of friends and family during her last days. They came from all over.
One of the things that Leoni was able to do was to keep in touch with we have never met until this trip.
as Leoni was getting ready during her final hours Lisette did the nail polish thing on the toes and hands. It was touching to see the interaction between the two of them.
For those of you reading this Leoni had Lung cancer and there was noting that could be done anymore. She was confined to the hospital due to the fact that her lungs were not functioning properly anymore. Leoni would be Euthanized, it may sound horrible and not right, but I have changed my mind on that issue. Just because it is legal in the Netherlands doesn't mean that anyone can go thru with it. They have strict guidelines and must have the approval of several Doctors. There must not be any avaiable treatments left.
As we neared the hour when Leoni would leave us the Doctor came in, we left the room and the Doctor visited with Leoni. He made she that she was still OK with her dicision, which she was.
We were all invited back into the room. After a few minutes Ruud sat by his mother and Didier sat on the other side of the bed and held her hand. Leoni would spend her last minutes looking into the eyes of her son. A medicine was administered that would put Leoni into a deep sleep. This process took about 20 minutes, Once Leoni was in a deep sleep the doctor checked her pulse, looked into her eyes and determines that the 2nd and final phase of the process could begin. A 2nd medicine was administered. This medicine would relax all the muscles and her heart would stop. The process started at 6 pm on the 14th of February and at 6:45 pm Leoni was pronouced dead. A second doctor would come in to confirm that she had indeed passed away.
The atmosmosphere during all this was sombre, silent and very touching. The connection between mother and son, stronger than I had ever seen. Tears were shed. We were given time to be with Leoni. There were many flowers in the room from people who had visited, Patrick took a few Roses and placed them in her hand laying them accross her body.
We had to leave for a few minutes while the nurses did their job in positioning Leoni and then we were allowed back into the room for another short visit.
As we parted with Ruud and Didier that evening it was hard for us because we knew what emotions they would be having and knew that there was nothing we could do.
Our job now as family was to be there as support for Ruud and Didier. To help them thru the next week and a half.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


First off this trip is about family!!!! On Saturday the 5th of February we came home from Hawaii and on the following Tuesday the 8th we received a text message from A cousin of mine that lives in Holland. His mom, my Aunt, my Dads sister was not doing well. We immediately made plans to go to Holland. Wednesday Morning we were on our way to the Netherlands. Haarlem being the exact city.
Now we might not have done this for anyone but for Leoni we would. When my Dad was sick with cancer she came to help in his last days and was there for a while after he had passed on. We enjoyed a trip
with Leoni to Hawaii and we had been to her home a few times in preceeding years.
A wonderful trip this was....full of tears and laughs, memories that will never be forgotten. If it was an inconvenience that was the least of our concerns. We talked to Pat my brother and he in turn talked to Jackie and Odette our sisters. Pat made arrangements as did we to be there for Leoni and her family
  1. Here we have Ruud my cousin, His son Didier and my Aunt Leoni. A great family.

Patrick, Toyke, Ruud and Leoni in front. With Lisette and Didier behind

Here Lisette and Ruud are using their G4 Iphones...It was a common thing during our visits.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last Day in a Hawaian Paradise

This is our last full day in Kauai.
Its been a fun vacation, filled with many memories

We got up and watched the sun rise...Thought it might be somewhat cloudy, but it was a great Sunny day.

Spent a little time on the beach, some time by the pool.

We did a little shopping and ate at a couple of our favorite places.

We watched some people in war canoes, a couple of guys paddling away on surf boards, a lady doing her yoga on the beach.

We even saw this Cruise Ship in port as we were taking in the last of the sun for the day

Tonight we get to swim in the dark and watch the stars....Oh I shouldn't forget all the Whales we saw today. An awesome spectacle to watch.

And for the last 2 weeks riding around in this Mustang convertible.
The trip has been great
The people have been unique and wonderful
The sights out of this world
If you haven't been Come to an Island getaway. Be prepared to part withsome of that hard earned money of yours. It will help to make the experience one you'll never forget.
I say that everytime I come

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Walking , Riding and Jogging

This is the bicycle path that goes along the shores for 4.3 miles. It starts about 1/2 a mile from where we stay. Now I was going to say everyone uses this path, but that might not be true. Lets just say a lot of people use it.

Donkey Beach
A good friend of ours who was with us for a week used this path to get her exercise in...and she even got her husband to go with her....I think she ran him into the ground....he got sore feet (chuckle chuckle)

Anyways yesterday afternoon we walked about about a mile and a half just beyond where there is a swimming pool. Its there that we picked up a couple of bike to see what kind of damage we could do to ourselves. And damage we did...In the morning after breakfast (1/2 of a grapefruit each) we headed off. We would ride to the end of the path, making a couple of stops along the way...You know there were people we saw so we had to stop and talk to them about important things.

Kealia each

Of course when we came to a beach we had to stop and take a picture

At one spot I saw this glimmering scene so I took the picture

Just on the other side of this rock out cropping beyond Lisette is Secluded Cove

We made it to the end of the trail, then had a rest, then it was time to return the bikes....Now we have been gone for 3 hours by the time we returned the bikes...Remember it was 1/2 a grapefruit we had for breakfast....I am joke..Kerry remember me on the hike last year when the food is gone its gone. Well the food was gone, and I still had a mile and a half to go ON FOOT..... The weather was absolutely perfect 82, sunny, and slight breeze. We trucked along and made it in time to cool down in the the was was not yet warm.

To much to see and too short a time

Kilauea Light House

On the North East end of the Island sits Kauai's one and only Light House

From the light house you are able to se the Albatros a large bird that needs a good size clearing to land and take off. The Red Footed Boobie is another bird that is there on the cliffs.

Today while viewing the sights we saw a group of 5 or 6 whales, some would breach, other blow. It was beautiful to watch. They were headed from left to right, going in the direction of Kapaa.
So after we got back to our place I looked again for these whales and sure enough they were there. Same number doing the same thing

The weather today was again the best

Tropical Dreams

The clock sas open at 2 PM....aand what are they but closed. We waited till 2:40pm then went over to the Lighthouse.
After being at the Lighthouse we returned to find the place open.
The place sells ice cream and candies, and also rents videos.

The place "Tropical Dream"

Now I have had a lot of ice cream in my day, but never have I tasted ice cream soooo good
A waffle cone with Chocolate coconut mmac nut...One scoop, then one scoop of Mac-nut ice cream and to top it off a small scoop of salted carmel.....Don't even think it was bad.....because it was GOOD
This place is located near the lighthouse in Kilawea, but they are moving and will be in Kapaa a little later this year
It is more than worth the cost.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lumaha'i Beach

Lumaha'i beach a beach that is constantly changing. Its not a beach that you want to swim at as the undertow is extreme. We have never seen people swimming in the ocean here. They do however swim in the river. This is mostly a sunbathing beach

Where Toyke is standing he is about 10' away from where the beach sand slopes off steeply. It drops about 25' vertically to where the water is.

You know that area where Toyke was standing now Lisette is standing there and a wave....large wave came in and got to her. This picture that is the river coming into the ocean is real turbulent where water from a large wave has come in. The water rose about 3' in a matter of seconds, then retreated just as quickly

Another beautiful spot to visit