Thursday, December 17, 2009


On December 10, 2009 when all was chaotic, Christmas showed up early. At least in our church building.

We had a Turkey dinner at the church, along with some entertainment. A whole lot of Nativitys were setup by friends Lynn and Bob Smith.

A good number of Nativities showed up from many people. Childern and Adults.

The evening was to be one in which we would share in each others company, eating good food, enjoying entertainment and have time to remember the Savior. I think we managed to get all those things in and more.

The decorating was headed by Meredith. She was helped by numerous people. Allie Roberts, Jesse Richins and Lacey Placstead. Husbands helped also. They did a big part in setting the atmosphere for the evening. It was an all day affair just to set things up.

The Food was headed by Karen Pugmire. She had the undaunting task of making sure there was food enough for 250 people. 9 Turkeys and all the trimmings. A ton of people helped here. Many people cooked....pies, green bean casarols, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, corn and more. It all came together beautifully.

The music or entertainment were also supplied by various members of the Ward. The Quist family playing the Harp, violas and I think Violin. They certainly are talented with those stringy insturments.

One of the missionaries sang. Lisette and Penny Walker played a duette,Lisette on the piano and Penny playing the Flute. Don Pringle read the account of the Saviours birth while being accompanied on the piano by Kerstie Leath. Everyone did a wonderful job. A nicer evening could not be had.

To top things off at the end of the evening a little jolly old fella dropped in to see us. Santa came in style. He visited with each of the childern...and even some adults.

Some of the Kids looked Santa right in the certainly have a white beard......Are you going to come to my house this year

Jannean Bryant helped us by giving out gift bags to each one of the children. It was nice to see her in action.