Sunday, January 31, 2010

Farmers Market

You can buy avocado, banana, flowers, tangelos, spices, lettuce, cucumber and much more at farmers markets and here you can also get homemade pie...and on top of that gluten free pies! It was a mango gluten free pie and it was pretty darn good (except for the edge of the crust - not so good) We also bought a piece of pina colada pie which was pretty tastie, ummm. Hey Kerry, is this the Farmer's Market or are there many farmers so it the Farmers Market???

Behind door #3, or was that door #2???

It happend to us twice down in Belize...we were in our room and twice someone just walked on in, thinking that it was their room. We had to laugh when Mark came into our place laughing because he had just done that to a couple of women here! He walked in and it took that split second of time to realize that the two women there were not Kerry and Lisette....oops

Here Piggie Piggie Piggie

No pictures of the illusive piggies...but... This island just keeps on surprising us. We've heard that there are wild pigs and sure enough we've seen them this trip.

Our first pig sighting was coming down Waimea Canyon after the big hike. It was dark and our headlights caught a pig running across the road. Those little piggie legs were really moving, it was a small pig.

Last night on our way home from the noodle place in Lihue we were coming up to the intersection where you turn left to Kapaa or right to the airport. On the left, standing on the side of the road in front of the tall grass were three big pigs, brown and black in color. Amazingly enough there wasn't any traffic so I turned around and came back, they were still there! Toyke was on the phone with Chad so couldn't get a picture before they scurried off into the bushes.

Chickens, whales and now pigs! This is paradise!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

These are for you...Rachel and Chad

and I'm sorry to say that there are more coming! The wacko couple at the Marriott Pool...
and at the salad bar at Dukes...

and at the Waikulealalalulukeepuu Falls...and as I said...more to come!

Mark's favorite trees - Norfolk Island Pine

At home these are houseplants (which most of us kill off) but here they grow to great heights. No matter how I tried I couldn't get the tops of the trees in the pictures. These trees are over by Kipu.

Blogging takes time...

No wonder why we didn't blog during the week...this takes time. At least I'm not getting bitten by mosquitos while I sit here. In Belize I had to try and cover up with my towel etc as I sat in the lobby. All we need here is a rainy day, which it is today, and we can do some blogging. We did go for an hours walk on the beach this morning and sent off the papers for selling the property in Rexburg so we have done something...just not alot.

Coconut leaf baskets...

When we were up at Kauilalalululekuee (not really) Falls we ran into a man making baskets. He was doing missionary work for his church and if he felt inspired he gave his baskets away for free. He charged us $10...

He told us to soak the baskets in salt water for 4-5 minutes, let them dry out and then soak them again. Do this 4 times and then treat the leaves with mineral oil and the basket will last for 100 years. It is microwave and oven safe....I didn't ask about the dishwasher.

Kerry and I are soaking the baskets as instructed, we'll see if they last 100 years.

Kokee State Park and of course there are chickens!

Chickens are everywhere on the island. At the airport, on the beach, at the shopping centers and these ones were at the top of Waimea Canyon. There's a great picture of Mark with the chickens but it's on their camera....we'll have to get a copy. Mark even heard chickens on his 8 1/2 hour hike out to the Napoli Coastline...they are everywhere.

Geico, Gecko...whatever

This is a real little gecko without the english accent. The only problem was that we wanted to put the top of the car down and if we did the little fellow would fall into the trunk! Kerry was the brave one and picked it up and gently put it in the she didn't, she grabbed it and flung it at a truck across the road!!!! She looked and it was okay, just a little confused because last time it checked Geckos didn't fly...

A Day For Hiking

Today we decided to hike some trails at the top of Wiamea Canyon. Mark had some trails picked out, so we headed out.

Mark went off on his own ahead of us because he was going further than we were. Since none of us had done any hiking in the previous few months.....being in shape for this was a big Question.

As we started we all left together, after just a short distance Mark was off....almost at a run....and we plodded along at a much slower rate.

As we were walking I was thinking (we have to come back this way ugh its going to be hard) this is pretty steep, we better take it slow and thats what we did.

2 hours later we had gone as far as we were going to go. A strenuous hike it was. Many wet and slippery spots, not only that it was steep and narrow in many spots. Not your everyday hiking trail. we had gone maybe 3 to 3 1/4 miles.

The sites were beautiful. Where we turned around...which was not the end,,,,We could see the end, but that was another 1/2 hour of hiking and I wasn't sure we would be able to make it back....or should I say I was wondering if I was going to make it back.

The Hike back was tough, rough and just plain not easy. Uphill all the way. It took us 2 1/2 hours to get back.

Once back I filled up on some water....what ever water I could find......Everyone was wondering if I would even make it.

We were to meet Mark up the road about 2 miles as his finish spot looped to a different ending spot. So we waited......and waited.....and every move we made while waiting was painful. Our muscles were protesting big time. A little stretching, some water and some granola bars helped....but not much.

At 10 minutes past 5 PM I decided to go find Mark....I was worried. he had been hiking for 6 hours and was only going 9 miles....He should have been back by now.....Thing was I wasn't in that great a shape myself. Off I went with a can of diet pepsi.....I don't drink was for Mark.

And some granola bars. As I hiked I came to several spots that my brain said if you go down there you'll never get back up...and off I would go until I got to another spot where I would again say If I go down there I'll never make it back up.

Well 2 1/2 hours later we walked out of the trail head and into a nice comfortable car. All of us safe with stories to tell. Each a little different.

A hike we will never forget.

Did I forget to say that while we were getting ready for our hike Lisette was doing this.

Sunrise is about 7:15 each morning and when you can see it, it's well worth getting out of bed for. One morning we saw the sunrise along with a fantastic whale breaching was the best combo show yet.

Thanks for taking this picture Toyke!!! We get out of bed and walk the distance from the building to the chairs and the beach is right there - you could almost get our toes in the picture. I don't think you can get a unit closer to the beach than this...

There it is, the big thunderball poking out from behind the cloud... Good Morning!

In Hawaii again! Where are Bill & Jim???

No Bill and Jim this time but we do have Kerry and Mark and they are much better company than B&J. Toyke has pictures, Bloxhams have pictures but I'm just going to work with mine. I'll have to add more later.

So, let's set the record straight here and now...Mark does dishes!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Mighty Snorkeler, Part 2

The Mighty Snorkeler takes a right and headed back to the Super Pool and is almost at the water's edge... Don't know how he figured out to go backwards but he did!
The Mighty Snorkeler has arrived and he is sooo happy snorkeling...oh the things you can see when you snorkel!

(One day I'll learn how to get 6 pictures on one the meantime part 2)

The Mighty Snorkeler, Part 1

Yes, The Mighty Snorkeler has arrived on Kauai!!
Nobody told him that he should wait until he gets to the water to put on his gear but that's okay...The Mighty Snorkeler is able to walk in fins and dodge chickens at the same time! Down The Mighty Snorkeler fins to the water, there is nothing between him and the water but...he takes a left???? where is The Mighty Snorkeler going?

To the kiddie pool??? Stay tuned for Part 2...