Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Here we go again. You probably wonder if we ever stay home any more...We wonder that too sometimes. We left home on the 20th of May. This is 4 days after getting back from Lake Rosevelt. This trip started out with just going to Chad and Rachels to help watch Lily while Rachel was away to a friends wedding.
As you can tell I am no longer in control. Lily has taken over. While Lily and I were waiting for Chad and Lisette who were in the Portland temple....Lily takes charge.

Lisette and Chad went thru a session at the temple and they were the only 2 people in that session. Hmmm

The next day Lilys cousin, Aunt and Uncle come for a visit also. Here Lily, Nana and Maria together on a bicycle. We had to take turns, both really liked riding in front on the bicycle because now they weren't missing any thing, they could see everything.

Aunt Meredith and Maria checking out the bicycle.

Chad and Lily sitting in their Livingroom showing GrandpaToyk and Nana the latest that we would watch many times as it is one of Lilys favorite ones....CARS

Here Maria shows her determination to be involved by getting up and checking out what everyone is doing.

While here in Salem we did lots of bicycle riding...some did more than others. To some local parks, To a Farmers Market and to more Parks. GrandpaToyk needed to be a little grumpy, but he had fun too. His bottom became sore after the first ride...It had been a while since he had been on a bicycle.

While at the farmer Market Lily enjoyed sitting in these 2 little rockers...They fit her just perfectly.
Now this was something to see. Lisette bike has a flat so its hooked on the little trailer that Lily is in.....Now in that trailer there is already 2 Lawn chairs, Lilys diaper bag, Merediths Camera and case. and then marco sit on the rack behind Chad while he peddles. Lucky for Chad it was only (ONLY) a few blocks.

Meredith and Marco stayed until Saturday evening, then had to go home.

Nana has been caught....feeding strawberries and whip ceam to Lily.....someone will be in trouble....and its not Lily.

Project in Eastern Washington

During the middle of May Marco and I (Toyke) had a project to do. This project required that we transport all materials needed from here to a property on Lake Rosevelt. Here we are ready to go all loaded up.

The way we head out to this project takes us over the North cascades Hwy, thru Twisp, Omak,and Nespelem ending at Keller. From here we turn on to a gravel road for 18 miles, then we turn onto a dirt road and it goes on for 17 miles. The last 17 miles we did at less than 10 miles per hour.....It seemed to take forever to get to our destination. Fully loaded it took us 10 1/2 hrs to get there.

Once there we unloaded and began to layout our work. We dug holes then filled the holes 1/2 way with concrete. We did this to save ourselves a day.

Day 2 began with the setting of posts, beams and platform. SWe also built a ramp to the platform in order to get the water tank where it needed to be.
Here we are tank ready to be moved up the ramp to the platform 15' off the ground. Early the next morning we started moving the tank up the ramp. This tank weighs just under 1000 lbs and is 8' in diameter and 7.5 feet tall.

When we got the tank near the top the rope started to come off so we had to use some people power to finish getting it into place.

Now that it was in place we had to secure it, attach the water lines and bracing. Later during the day when tank placement was finished we began filling it. When completely full it would hold ose to 20,000 lbs in water weight. today we filled it to just over 3/4s full. About 17,000 lbs.

Everything cleaned up and We are ready to head home.


So the other day I miss placed my phone and for the life of me I could not find it. I enlisted Lisettes help and still no luck. We did however find Merediths cell phone, and so Lisette returned that to her and at the same time enlisted Meredith and Marco to help find my cell phone. We looked under the couch, between the cushions, on the desk, even on the bck deck and all with no luck. There wasn't a spot we didn't look....I even checked my pockets.
So they asked me if I had checked my pockets and I said that I had. I had checked my front pockets because thats the only place I ever put things.....I checked again and still no phone, that was until I checked my back pocket. I tried to think quick of a place I found the phone but the words came out before I could think and I said found my back pocket.....I then remembered that I had put it there when I had changed into my swimsuit earlier in the day.
The story continues, because Lisette was going thru some boxes of stuff that had belonged to my mother and had found a remote for a television that they had and had lost, couldn't find until now....I wonder how many years that remote had been lost. At least 11 years that we know of..

We had to chuckle at this enlight of our recent experience with the lost cell phone.
So in the future when you loose something think of us.....Then have a good laugh.