Friday, November 5, 2010

The Dreaded Dentist

Yesterday we went to the dentist....Or should I say Lisette went to the Dentist. She hates Dentists with a passion. I was tagging along.
Now I need to say that our dentist took a little while to get to as his office is about an hour and fifteen minutes away. Lisette was there to have her teeth cleaned and checked....No cavities..she must be doing something right.
2 hours it took to clean...they must of been checking for gold.
Anyways while i was waiting I went outside and this is what I saw.

I always wondered how these critters got around...Now I know

The squirrel looked at me and just kept on doing its thing...defying gravity
My excitement for the day

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Merediths Departure to Honduras

It been quite a whirl wind these last couple of weeks. Marco had left for Honduras to get things ready for Meredith and the kids. So while he was with his family (mom, Dad, Uncles, and siblings) we were here helping Meredith get ready to go.
By the way Meredith was in denial...not thinking ...or hoping the the day would not come.
Meredith packed then brought the
suitcases into my office, where I repacked them. I couldn't believe the things she wanted to take....I guess I needed to consider where she was going. But I repacked the suit cases trying to get them to as close to 50 Lbs as possible. And there were 6 of them. Once they were done, there was loading them into the Hummer.....which is not as big as a Tahoe or suburban.
So 6 large suitcases, 1 double stroller, 2 car seats, a carry on bag (suit case), diaper bag, blankets, back pack for Meredith, and 1 for me, 1 for maria, 2 adults and 2 kids all in the Hummer.
It was a tight fit.
We got up at 4 AM on Monday morning and got ready to go...We got out the door at 5:50 AM
THe beginning of Meredith's new adventure. We were headed to SeaTac airport. 40 minutes into our drive Maria says up...up...we say no not until we get to the airport....she says up ..up and then blah...she let loose. Throw-up all over the place. Stop the car cleanup, change clothes and then on our way again.....By the way did I say it was pouring down rain.
3 hours later I am parked and we are checking into the airport.....Crap the bags are too heavy, so we do some they are all around 52.5 lbs...better than 55 lbs. Checked in and now to go thru security...WOW all has to go thru xray...3 back packs, 1 carry-on suit case, diaper bag, computers, Ipads, watches, shoes, car seats, blankets, and humungous stroller...we used 13 trays and then all the items that did not go on trays. It was like 20 minutes just to get ready to go thru security, then another 20 minutes to put it all back together.
The flight to Houston went very smooth. Maria could not stay awake any longer...I was feeding her a fruit roll up one piece at a time. All of a sudden a piece didn't make it to her mouth and she was out...only 20 minutes left in the flight
When we got to Houston they told us we would have to get our checked in bags because our layover was over 5 hours...Hummm that was not going to work. The airporter that was helping us was very nice and worked the system in our favor and just told us he would take care of it. He then asked us what hotel we were staying in and called the shuttle service to pick us up.
Once at the hotel we went next door to get a bite to eat, back to the hotel room to bathe the kids and to bed.....WHAT a Day..I think its 8,9, or 10 oclock and we are exhausted. Lights out everybody is going to sleep and I hear Maria...talking and settling down. Then she say Love Mom, Love you Dad, Love you Cooper, Love you nana, Love papa, Love you nana. Out of the mouth of babes.
4:30 wake up call...get dressed, head to the airport...once at the airport I relize that i have forgotten my phone and charge at the hotel. They send the driver with the phone and charger to the airport where I meet and get them....The day is saved.
At 8:20 I help Meredith and kids to the gate. I wish I would have taken some pictures because it was some sight. It wasn't easy to see them walk away. They have been part of our house for the last 34 months.
So once they were out of site I turned around and ran the length of the airport so I could catch my plane back to Seattle.
4 hours later I was in Seattle and Meredith was in San Pedro Sula Honduras. Her flight was 2 1/2 hours. Family was there to greet her and then began an adventure she will never forget. Meredith arrived at her new home at was dark and she was exhausted.
I arrived in Seattle at 12:20 and drove home and was there by 2:30 pm
I would not have wanted to miss my time helping Meredith and the kids.
We will mis them, but at the same time we anxiously await news of how life is in Honduras

Friday, October 15, 2010

10-10-10 Doug's Birthday this year...

Too bad I don't have pictures of him! The video I took wouldn't Here's a picture of Tom and his girlfriend Aleta.
Tom told us that when they come down here shopping they tell the guys at the border that they're going to visit his Aunt in Custer and he gets through every time!!! Next time he should come visit his Aunt, don't you think!! Looking forward to seeing you Tom and Aleta.

Daddy's little boy.

Marco and Marco Cooper are definitely father and son. No doubt.

Pictures for last post...

Blog Sharing...YEAH!

We're having a creative day today....Justine is sewing a top, Meredith a skirt, me curtains and Maria...well, the picture tells what Maria is doing...

Justine shared her friend's Focaccia bread quick and easy and really really good. Our hardest part was deciding what to put inside...thanks to Rachel (who text) we decided on fresh tomato and gouda cheese. It was good. We will have to go shopping for more sandwich ingredients!
PS...the pictures just don't come out right so I'll put just pictures in the next post...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

August 23, 2010

Toyke and Lisette August 23, 1980 to August 23, 2010.
Sometimes it seems just like yesterday but when I think of all the things we've done and been through it's a whole life time.Just last night we were laughing about living in foggy Port Moody. That was so long ago. I bet it's still foggy there!!!
We've spent some absolutely wonderful times together...been through a lot. Yup, there's a few things I'd change but only the medical incidents for both of us. But, it's been good to go through all these things together. I love him now more than ever.
Thirty years and's to the next 30!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today I received a letter in the mail about my dad. Before I tell you what was in the letter I will tell a story that leads up to it.
On April 13th, 2008 my Dad passed away on complications due to cancer. One of his requests was that he be donated to science. I had done some preliminary research to see if it was even possible. To my surprise it was. SO when the funeral home was notified of his passing the University of British Columbia was also notified. They were happy to except Dad into their medical program.
Can you see where this is leading. Yes my Dad was going to medical school. The term would be about a year and a half to 2 years. During this time many would learn from him. Well we waited patiently and the 2 year mark flew by. It took an additional 4 months before we would hear anything.
Now since Dad was at University we would always joke that he was getting a degree. The letter came and we were told that he had served them well and we could come get him. So Dad graduated from medical school. Soon he will be laid to rest with loving wife.
Today I made the trip to the border and when I got there they asked specifically where I was going. I told them I was going to get my Dad in Vancouver.....They wanted to know where. So I said he's at Mount Pleasant Funeral home and waiting for me to pick him up.....Not a total lie....but not the total truth.
I made it to the funeral home and picked up Dad. The guy helping me was named Francis. He said my dad must have been a big person because he was heavier than most people. Dad was maybe 220 Lbs
On the way back I came to the border again and the customs officer asks me where I had been I told him Vancouver. That was ok that went well....but then he asks me if I was bringing anything back with me....I right away grabbed the container and said yes my Dad and showed him the container....He was a little flustered and after a little stutter he asks anything else. I quickly said no just my Dad. And he lets me go...crisis averted
Dad is here in this container...All graduated from Medical school

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The day before the big day...

There she is....the morning before the big little time flies...tears in my eyes...Sweet dreams Beaner.

What's important in life.

I was still cleaning up from the wedding and someone got out the crayola washable finger paints...for a moment I thought - Holy Crow, we haven't got one thing cleaned up yet and here comes another mess!!! Then I paused, these are the moments that you enjoy in life, these are the ones that happen once and you stop and "smell the roses" Someone else has some good pictures of the girls handprints on each other's backs - maybe they can get posted somewhere.

Oh, how the girls enjoyed each other's company. They stopped for spontaneous hugs here and there and then had some good "2 year old arguments" too.

What is a Grandpa?

I don't really know what it takes to be a good Grandpa but maybe it had something to do with nail polish.

Ready to go!!!

Oh, the influence a child can have on a parent...TJ really wants a Harley so he and Toyke went shopping... It was fun to see them in the store checking out all the bikes... No, I don't think I'll become a Biker Chick...I smile too much. The ones I've seen are very serious.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rick & Justines Wedding

Samsons Winery is where the big event took place. After weeks of planning and a few days of mad work the place was set.

Rick and Justine after 2 1/2 years decided to tie the knot. July 23rd, 2010

Justine had been working on a quilt for her and Rick, a huge under taking. A lot more than she thought. Her mom Lisette helped out to get the finishing touches done....Turned out better than they expected.

Kala the flower girl came all the way from Eastern Idaho, a town named Rexburg to fulfill her part.....She was so excited to be apart of the wedding.

And here we have Andrew, Ricks son 6 years old and a very important part of the day. Not only do we gain a son in law but we gain a grandson.
Welcome to the family

And the people kept coming from all over the place. Aunts and Uncles. Cousins and niece's and nephews. They all came to join in the festivities.

All the grooms men had tuxes, cowboy hats, canes and aviator sun glasses. Cool idea. And it looked great.

The Brides Maids wore beautiful red dresses.

An out door wedding and the weather could not have been better. Reverend Jack performed the wedding ceremony.

Here Justine and her Dad walk down the isle.....See that smile on Dad's face....It has nothing to do with the wedding....This is the last daughter to be married. You should see him jumping for joy...(ha ha ha) Not really, he is happy for Justine and that she will be happy.

Here Rick and Justine exchange vows and become husband and wife

The Big Kiss....and they are off

The whole wedding party

Time to cut the cake

And then some dancing

and more dancing.

There was lots of food....hmm I wonder why no pictures of the food showed up. We had a BBQ (hamburgers, hot dogs, and lots of salads. A lot of different types of drinks also

The party was great. It could not have happened if it were not for all those who helped. I won't mention names, just be it known that your help was greatly apperciated

Just another beautiful day in the life of Lisette and Toyke

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Accidents Happen

Not to long ago we were visiting TJ and his family. While there we went on a few bicycle rides in the neighborhood. Now while we were out on our bicycles riding the street was clear except for this lone truck. Now let me tell you that the truck was minding its own business. Parked on the side of the road. So as we were riding we passed this truck, went around the corner and then came back. Kala was riding and was all over the place, which is normal for a 3 year old. Anyways the closer she came to this truck the more I watched...she's going to more over....she will move now....Oops she didn't move and bang. She was stuck. Thats right she drove into the truck and got stuck just as you see the picture. It was soo funny....But as you can see she was not to happy. So I got off my bike to help get her unstuck. It took a little to get her loose and then checked to make sure there was no damage to her, the bike, and the truck.
The next time we drove by that truck it was parked in the driveway....I guess they saw what had happened
The life and times of a 3 year old.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

What brings me JOY!

In China a man is selling his that legal? Whale Wars are trying to stop the killing of whales...what about that dolphin slaughter bay... Sometimes it just gets too much for me and I feel a lack of joy and I have to stop and think about what brings me joy.

Going out to my chicken coop and finding 16 eggs brings a smile to my face

Playing the accordian (yes, I took 6 weeks of lessons and don't play well) and having Maria "lead the music" brings me joy. Cooper is our audience...

Looking out my window and seeing the radishes sprouting brings me joy....