Thursday, April 30, 2009


well everyone were in Mexico...Enjoying the Sun and time with our friends.....Jack and Liz.

We have been here a few days so pictures will not be in order.....Sorry

The other night we took a taxi into town and went to Pipis for dinner. Wehave been to this place before and liked it. Usually it is real busy...but not tonight.

They have these 3 amigos that come around to sing to couples. They are pretty good. A little loud but good. You have to remember here nothing is done for free. A person weather an adult or kid opens your car door you pay a dollar, somebody sings and you pay them 7 eat dinner and you pay the tip for the bill, but then there is the guy who fills your glass...He needs a few dollars too (he fills my glass a lot of times if you know me)

Dinner was good, but there was way too much.

Once we left dinner it was time for a walk....had to burn a few calories
We didn't even get one block away and the Ladies saw something that they liked.....Shopping, shopping shopping. And whon is the other than me. Lisette says that I am her wallet...she shops I pay (not a good deal for me)

So from here we walk some more and then finally hale a taxi driver....Good driver nice clean car only when we get to the hotel he say that will be 80 pesos.....that was 40 more pesos than we paid for the trip into town and he wasn't leaving until he was paid....Airconditioning not worth the extra 40 pesos

One of the typical streets in Peurto Vallarta downtown core area

This is the view we have from our room. We have a patio with a table and 4 chairs where we eat breackfast and dinners that we eat in...We don't do a whole lot of cooking because if we did that we would have to do dishes and now thats not wat you do on vacations