Thursday, April 14, 2011


After being up all day we started our travels to the country of Honduras at midnight. From Seattle to Houston. A short layover there and then on to San Pedro Sula Honduras. The airport here is small, not like many of the large airports we have been to. It's smaller than the Lihue Hawaii airport for those of you who have seen that airport. After finally clearing customs....I often feel like herded cattle when I go thru customs. coming thru the gate where friends and family were we were met by Marco and his sisters husband. From there is was off to getting a rental car...what a chore that was. Not one rental care agency had our info so we ended up going with an outfit that was most helpful. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea...because the new car we were getting wasn't so new. It was dirty, it had scratches and dings in it, the antenna for the radio was missing, 1/4 tank of gas....what happened to full tank of gas....deisel. You could not even read the dash for miles on the car or otherwise....Welcome to Honduras.
It took us approximately 4 1/2 hours to get from airport to Lepaera and it wasn't because of my driving. Meredith told us that the roads were a little different....yup they sure are. First thing I noticed was no lines on the road. No speed limit. On these roads you drive at your own risk.did I happen to mention that the roads are not straight, they are constantly turning...and they have pot holes all over the place, or speed bumps, or even check points. The check points are police or military carrying submachine guns and you must stop when waved over. They may ask for registration of car or where you are going. Sometimes we smile and ask do you speak English, they say no and wave us on. One guy we even offered some nachos and he gladly had some then waved us on.
So between all the stops and potholes and cars passing in places they really shouldn't and our top speed being no more than 50 miles per hour we arrived in Lepaera.
Once there we we off road or at least that's what it felt like....I would say a gravel road, but that wouldn't be right. A rocky road with big potholes would be the right description. A few blocks of this and we arrived at Merediths home. She and the kids were waiting for us on the side of the road. An exciting moment for all of us.