Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jackson Hole Wyoming To Yellowstone National Park

Jackson Hole Ski Resort
This guy had just crossed the road
with these two trailing behind
The Autumn colors were in full gear. It was absolutely beautiful to see
Some Elk crossing the road in front of us....We haven't even entered Yeloowstone National Park yet
Another beautiful view. in the meadows there is a herd of Elk
As we climb to higher elevations we came across scenes like this one
In the Grand Canyon of of Yellowstone there are upper and lower falls. What I found interesting was this. Across the canyon from where we were was a staircase fastened to the side of the cliff. It went down to a great view point....I decided that I would pass this time....I'm not up to climbing that many stairs quite yet
This is one big Buffalo
This is a Grizzly and a big one. He was out in a meadow tearing apart a log and having a great snack. See he is looking off to the side. He knows there is a guy in the trees trying to get closer so he can get a better picture. And I thought we were too close.

Our friend Mark Bloxham having a fun moment
I wonder who this is
Another herd of Elk
This guy was up front and close to us. I wonder where he is going?
This girl was minding her own when I came up close and scuffed my feet on the ground hoping she would look up and she did
This guy is just munching away on the side of the road
and lastly heres Old Faithful...We were here a few minutes when it decided to blow

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