Thursday, June 14, 2012

More on the twins

 Well Nana...Grandma...Lisette finally got to hold one of the twins. This one is Wynnona. I think Lisette has died and gone to Heaven....She said that it felt like all she was holding was a blanket. Wynnona stared up at Lisette the whole time she was being held
 Mom...being Justine is talking to Wynnona
 Wait till she wakes up.....all heck will happen...but right now she looks so peaceful
 Here is Courtney...I almost forgot what her name was. Anyways she is in an incubator...I'm not sure of the reason because she is doing OK. She still gets a little helpmwith breathing
Here Courtney is wearing her breathing hardware. She is nice and warm. Its amazing how well these two little people are doing for having arrived so early and being so tiny

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Meredith said...

I want more. I wish that I was there.... and saying that I wish I was there really doesn't convey all I am feeling... I wish I could share in Justine's joy at having her tiny babies here and healthy...