Thursday, June 21, 2012

2 Weeks

 I think Nana is totally enjoying the opportunity of holding these 2 little girls. This is Wynnona. She can be held today, her sister Courtney is not so lucky. She is in the incubator getting some special light.

 Justine is getting the hand to finger shake. Good girl and daughter time
 That special light in the incubator. I think shes working on her tan. These 2 are taking turns under the light. Today the day I am posting these pictures Wynnona is under the light while Courtney is being moved to a new floor
 Now as you can tell from the hand shake and the foot size....these girls will NOT be driving soon. They may be soon telling their mother who's boss....but driving not quite yet.
The girls are doing great and will soon be out of the critical care unit for premature babies.

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