Monday, July 2, 2012

Almost Ready to Blow this Joint

Tomorrow July 2nd is the Day we get to leave Swedish Medical Center and head home as a Family
Three Weeks Old Courtney being 4 lbs 13 oz and Wynnona 3 lbs 15 oz

Here is Courtney
she is looking and acting like any normal baby will

 She has gained good weight and is eating well. Breathing on her own and maintaining her body temperature. Oh yes and she is doing alot of sleeping while she is growing so much.
 Here is the evidence....Rick feeding Courtney

Then we have Wynnona. She too is doing great. Gaining weight, maintaining body temperature and doing the eating, swallowing, and breathing thing. Not forgetting how to do it. For these 2 to be able to leave the hospital they have come a long many things to remember to do...things that we take for granted

 She does not like the tube in her she pulls it out. This time they decided she did not need the tube anymore. The tube was used to assist in feeding. Since she has graduated to the bottle she is gaining weight faster...I heard about 2 ounzes a day
 Doc says shes doing great and can go home....great news
 Now when they make faces like this  I think maybe this is what she might look like when she is OLD
 And the crib is ready just in time. The crib is for 2. Its divided down the middle. It has casters so it can be moved from room to room. I'm sure Justine will be comforted being able to have them close least till they get a little bigger.
 Kwok was an Olympic speed skater...we like the name Kwok and so all our unborn grand children have been named Kwok....But Justine threw a loop in things by expecting twins...So since these 2 babies were in a bunk bed type of configuration we decided to name the one coming out first Kwik. The 2nd one out would be Kwok. We had fun.
Once they were born they became Kwik became Wynnona and Kwok, Courtney....We had to add Thing 1 and thing 2 from Doctor Seuss books. This came about because of a material store that Lisette went to.
So welcome home girls. This is our last blog on the twins as now Justine can take over in all the spare time she will have. I'm not sure there will be any spare time for her as the twins will take all the energy she has, at least for a while.

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Ms. Elenbaas said...

I love this crib!! So awesome! You and your creative family of Kwonks!!